For businesses and individuals: only if the computer and the network are working smoothly, a safe and efficient work is possible. We are your competent partner when it comes to IT services!

Welcome to Layer 1 Communications Ltd

Layer 1 Communications are an IT Structured Cabling company based in Wokingham, Berkshire, we’ve been trading since May 2017. But our founders have been supplying labour and expertise to some of the biggest companies in the data and communications industry since 1999. With our clientele of professional companies in both the private and public sectors, based in the UK and Europe, Layer 1 Communications Ltd provide the knowledge, the tools and the experience to guide our clients to maximize the potential of their cabling and IT needs.

Since the formation of Layer 1 Communications, we have expanded our knowledge and worked on some of the largest IT data cabling projects in the UK and across EMEA. 

Layer 1 Communications prides itself having worked on High End Data Centers for software companies, banks, energy vendors and providing white glove labour only services to other communication partners.

Some of Layer 1 Communications many services are to implement managed services for installation, guidance and support that has a purpose built portfolio for each individual system, process, technology and future development. At Layer 1 Communications we are always looking for ways to reduce project risk and challenge the industry with new technologies whilst reducing the overall cost for our clients. We are always actively seeking new and exciting projects to expand our client base, no matter how big or how small the projects may be.  Layer 1 Communications Ltd will work with you to achieve the projects final solution, perfection.

Layer 1 Communications offer more than just IT cabling and network solutions. We offer the perfect partnership that other IT companies just can’t!

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